Director: Lisa Maxfield
Rehearsal Information:
September 6, 2016 to May 16, 2017
Tuesdays, 5:30 to 7 PM
Sondheim Hall
Milwaukee Youth Arts Center (MYAC)
325 West Walnut, Milwaukee


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Hello Families! 

Saturday’s performance was such a pleasure to conduct. I am so proud of every one of our singers and the growth they have shown, as it was so clearly demonstrated at our Ode to Music Concert. It’s hard to believe we are through another season and that we will be starting anew in the fall.  
My heartfelt thanks go out to Mrs. Simmons and Mrs. Roska for the tireless hours you have volunteered as assistants. These ladies truly do it all from attendance, phone calls, organizing music, collecting fundraising paperwork, and finding misplaced uniforms. It is such a pleasure to work with you, and you are both so thoughtful and amazing.  
I would also like to thank our parent chaperones who joined us on tour, making sure our students were supervised, had their uniforms, swim suits, suit cases, phones, fidget spinners and all matter of things, when they needed them.  Thank you for joining us on our journey.  
To our students moving up to Resident Choir, I’m so proud of your progress, and I look forward to seeing you continue to grow with Mrs. Beeksma as you take on more challenging music next season.
To all of our returning singers and families, it has been my privilege to work with you this season, and I look forward to seeing each of you next fall, where you will now have the opportunity to be leaders to our new, incoming singers.  
Have a fun and restful summer and don't forget to register to join us again next year.

Calendar of Events
Enjoy your summer!

I will see you in september!
Mrs. Maxfield
Lisa Maxfield, Associate Music Director
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Current Fundraisers:
Tour Information: 
  • Galop

  • Glory, Glory Hallelujah!

  • Here is Music For You

  • Rhythm of Life

  • Antiphonal Cantate (pronounced “cahn TAh teh”)

  • Sight Singing Packet

Practice Assignments:

  • Students should be looking and sight singing packet exercises #1-6 and writing the solfege below (the first note is done for them). They should practice singing them in preparation for next week.

  • I have put a recording of “Galop” on the website. Students should be practicing measures 9-61.

  • We began reading the main melody of “Glory, Glory Hallelujah!” from measures 3-18. Students should be practicing it with both the text, as well as count singing, paying close attention to the whole notes, and tied notes as well as their phrasing with no breath’s between the words “since I laid my burden down.”

Bring a Friend Week is Next Week!!!!

Students received a red flyer that next week is “Bring a Friend” week. This is a chance for students to invite friends who also love to sing to experience singing in our rehearsals and audition to join. If you have a classmate who plays an instrument, or a family member who sings in the shower all the time invite them to join us!

“SING” movie outing  for Training Choir and Families on Sunday January 15th at 3:50pm.

Whether you have seen it yet or not, come join your choir friends and families on Sunday afternoon to see “Sing” at the AMC 18 in the Mayfair Mall.  Bring money for your ticket or buy it online from Fandango or  This is not a required event, but is just a fun outing for our students to spend time together and laugh.

Winter Retreat January 28th

Our Winter Retreat is coming up at the end of the month! We will be meeting at Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church from 9am-2pm as before.